5 stars

In our fast paced world we are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day. You know you need to stand out, engage and make your brand memorable in order to grow your business, but what’s the best way to do that? By building relationships, getting and staying in front of your target audience and rewarding people for taking action!

We help our clients do that and that’s what’s earned us our 5 star reputation on Yelp! As you can see by our testimonials we deliver creative solutions, quality eco-friendly and made in the USA products and our customer service is top notch! We take the time to understand your company, your goals, your target audience and with that information we create effective solutions that engage your target audience and make your business thrive.

We’re here to help you!

“Shana & Spitfire Advertising are the best in the business!”

Mike D’Ambrosio

Intero Real Estate & 1220AM Radio show host